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Eat Healthy

Grass Fed Philosophy

100% Grass Fed and Finished beef just makes sense.  It is based on an old simple truth.  Cattle by nature are foragers.  The cow is designed to live and roam on grasslands grazing forages of grasses, legumes, herbs and forbes .  They thrive on the grasses they eat.  Their natural immune systems are strengthened by the nutrients they get through grazing. 


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Benefits of Our Beef

Recipes & Cooking Tips

Cooking instructions: Dry oven roasts should be coated with a mixture of butter or margarine and dry mustard powder. Start with the roast thawed, and near room temperature. Pre-heat the oven to 525 F and cook the roast at this temp. for 5-10 minutes depending on size. This will seal in the juices for a tender roast.  Turn the oven down to 265 –285 F, open the oven door to let out the high heat, insert the meat thermometer. Cook the roast till the thermometer reaches 140F.  Remove from oven and tent with tin foil for ten minutes to let juices settle. Now you can carve your tender, juicy roast. Note: the temperature of the roast will rise to about 155-165 while covered.


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There is a lot of talk today about the importance of eating beef that is raised without the use of anti-biotics or added hormones.  And that is a great first step.  What we have learned from our research is that to eat truly healthy beef you need to go the next step and move to beef that is 100% Grass Fed and finished.  Our entire herd is 100% Grass Fed and finished.  At no time do we ever feed grains (starch) to our herd.


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