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About Us

Jim and Carolyn Lintott farm near Hazelridge Manitoba.  Jim has been farming for nearly 40 years. The farm produces hay and grasses, grains and oilseeds.  Jim added a beef operation in 2001 (no growth hormones, no anti-biotics), and then in 2007 he focused his efforts on also raising those cattle using only nutrient dense grass as feed. 


Jim is currently the Chair of the Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association so he brings a wealth of knowledge in understanding how to grow and sustain healthy pastures. He was also the founding Chair of the Manitoba Grass Fed Beef Association. During his leadership the protocols for the development of Grass Fed Beef in Manitoba were established.


Randy and Joyska farm south of Sundown Manitoba, where Randy was born.  He is the third generation operator of the family farm, which the Tkachyks have owned for over 100 years.  They have always raised cattle and have been focusing on Grass Fed Beef production since 2009.  Their cattle graze on home pastures and enjoy home grown hay in the winter months. 


Randy has been named Grazer of the Year twice (in 2005 and again in 2011).  In addition he is a designated technician in artificial insemination, which has allowed him to improve the genetics on his farm.  Joyska joined the farm in 2013 after 20 years of working in the inner city. 


Together Randy and Jim have over 50 years of experience in raising cattle.  Both families recognize the health benefits and the environmental benefits of raising cattle naturally on grass.  This realization has resulted in the creation of a quality product which we are proud to pass on to our customers.

Our Goal: AAA Quality

We select and sell only our highest quality of 100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef to you, our valued customers.
The Tkachyks

Jim & Carolyn

Randy & Joyska



On May 20, 2003 the Canadian cattle industry woke up to the news that a single case of BSE was found in Canada and our export borders immediately closed for all live cattle.  Prices for cattle dropped dramatically and we were left with few options.  We knew that our cattle were healthy so we decided to market our cattle direct to the consumer to keep our farms viable. was born.  We learned a lot in those days and grew our customer base.  We deeply value our relationships with our customers and are committed to their satisfaction. 


We moved to 100% Grass Fed beef production within a few years and now produce excellent quality on 100% grass on a regular basis.  Our customers were the biggest reason for this change.  It became clear that they wanted the best tasting, healthiest beef we could produce.  


We have focused on two areas to accomplish that:




  • Firstly, we have learned what types of forages, grass and legumes, to grow to keep our cattle in top condition year round and

  • Secondly, we have learned how best to store our hay for winter feeding.




  • Firstly, we have concentrated on keeping the best genetics from within our herd and multiplying that in the cow herd.

  • Secondly, we have gone looking far and wide for the best proven grass fed genetics. That has led us to the two famous herds, the OCC Angus herd in the U.S.A. and the Rotokawa Red Devon herd from New Zealand.  We have incorporated both semen and cattle from these herds into our herds.  These genetics have proven to give us great performing cattle and great tasting beef.


Ensuring a Quality Product




  • We start with ensuring that our herds have both great genetics and top quality forages.

  • We continue that goal by raising our cattle in a natural environment with careful and stress free handling. 

  • We finally accomplish our “quality product” goal with 21 day dry aging, vacuum packaging and flash freezing to bring a great eating experience to your home and table.


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